“Of all the human senses, scent is the most perfect.” – Chanel

Kearose and Kingdom candles are an opulent collection capturing complex fragrances.  For lovers of luxury.  For admirers of elegance.  For connoisseurs of quality.

Their vision was to create beautiful scents that connect memories with a time, a place, or a moment.  Fragrances that add a blissful ambiance to your favourite spaces.  The result is a range of beautiful candles, notable for their chic  simplicity and their captivating aromas.

At the heart of the business, is an eco-friendly ethos.  Create products that energise your environment, without taking anything away from nature. Their clean burning candles contain no nasty ingredients, and are not tested on animals.

Candle Care Instructions

Kingdom candles are designed to bring beauty to your home, connection to your space, and presence to your senses, while igniting those stories within. With high quality oils sourced from around the globe, the fragrances of our natural soy, triple-scent candles are eclectic – inspired by the true beauty of nature, the stories of travels, and the warmth and desire of luxury.

Candle Care Instructions