Spray Tan Care

To ensure the quality and longevity of your tan please follow this simple guide for pre and post care.


1.Waxing or shaving should be completed at least 24 hours prior to your tan treatment to reduce sensitivity.  Any waxing or shaving done after your treatment may remove your tan

2. Use a loofah mitt or body scrub to exfoliate your entire body a day or two before your treatment to remove all dead skin cells and help hydrate the skin. Pay special attention to dry areas such as knees, elbows, feet and hands.

3. It is important to keep your skin moisturised in the days leading up to your tan, however avoid applying perfumes, body lotions and deodorants the day of your tan as these will act as an inhibitor to the tan and affect your final result.

4.Bring dark and baggy clothing to wear home after your treatment, if possible, going braless after your tan is best to avoid any strap marks indenting or rubbing on the shoulder area. Any tan that rubs off on clothing will come out in the wash.

After your treatment: 

Your tan will begin developing immediately after your treatment and you need to allow 8 hours for full development of your tan before you shower. In this time you need to avoid getting wet, this includes partaking in any activity that may cause you to perspire.

Once you have showered, keeping the skin moisturised and hydrated you will avoid uneven fading and a longer lasting tan. Only exfoliate the tan when you are ready to begin removing it.

The length of time your tan lasts depends on the condition of your skin and the rate of your skins natural exfoliation process. On average you should expect your tan to last approx 5- 7 days.